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Course Curriculum Syllabus


Term 1
  Course: GS-GS-5101: Responsible Conduct of Research - Year 1
Course Director(s): Swindell, Eric
  DateStart TimeRoomLectureDescriptionLecturer
  Tue Aug 039:00 AMKleberg(1M) The Mentor/Mentee RelationshipSelecting a lab and developing a group of mentors, what to look for in the mentor/mentee relationship, keeping on track toward your degree.Smith, Carolyn
  Tue Aug 109:00 AMKleberg(1L6) Setting Goals for Your Scientific Development & Success in Graduate SchoolCareer paths for the professional scientist, career decisions (how and when to make them), what to do in your first year to ensure your success, developing curiosity, coursework (what to expect in grad school), lifelong learning, where to get help and information, thinking now about the next step.Swindell, Eric
  Tue Aug 179:00 AMKleberg(1L1) Data Acquisition & Record-Keeping ResponsiblitiesResponsibilities for record keeping, challenges in keeping accurate and understandable notebooks, ownership of research materials, reagent/data sharing.Nelson, David
  Tue Aug 249:00 AMKleberg(1L2) Responsible Authorship and PublicationsGiving credit when credit is due, when to cite or not, how to use direct quotes, paraphrasing, plagiarism, copyright and copyright permission. Swindell, Eric
  Tue Aug 319:00 AMKleberg(1C) Case StudiesSmall Group discussions with a faculty discussion leader
  Tue Sep 079:00 AMKleberg(1L3) Resilience Coping with academic challenges Yang, Peggy
  Tue Sep 149:00 AMKleberg(1L5) Rigor & ReproducibilityReproducibility, transparency, authentication of key biological and chemical resources, types of replication, blinding and randomizationPautler, Robia
  Tue Sep 219:00 AMKleberg(1L7) The Funding Structure of Science & Public PolicyGovernment organizations, private funding sources, applying for fellowships, structure of a grant, grant review system, consequences of fraud in grant applications, science advocacyDickinson, Mary
Term 2
  Course: GS-GS-5102: Responsible Conduct of Research - Year 2
Course Director(s): Swindell, Eric
  DateStart TimeRoomLectureDescriptionLecturer
  Tue Oct 199:00 AMCullenAuditorium(2L1) Research Misconduct - NIH-b3 - Safe Practices in the LaboratoryDefinitions - Falsification, fabrication, plagiarism - whistleblowers, allegations, investigations, penalties. College policy and mechanisms for handling misconduct allegations, federal policies and procedures. (NIH b3) Safe Practices in the LaboratoryNelson, David
  Tue Oct 269:00 AMCullenAuditorium(2L2) Ethics of Biomedical Studies with AnimalsWhen can animals be used ethically in research, avoiding unnecessary pain/suffering and euthanasia, appropriate selection of numbers/types of animals in research, animal use approval.Pereira, Frederick
  Tue Nov 029:00 AMCullenAuditorium(2C) Case StudiesScientific Misconduct & Research with Animals
  Tue Nov 099:00 AMCullenAuditorium(2L3) Conflict ResolutionPotential causes of conflict during graduate training, approaches to conflict resolution.Yang, Peggy
  Tue Nov 169:00 AMCullenAuditorium(2M) Mentorship Year TwoMeeting with 2nd year students and their mentors, matching expectations between mentor & student, developing communications channels, picking an appropriate thesis topic, the thesis committee as a resourceSmith, Carolyn

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