Important Stuff

Teams and Team Rules

There will be three categories of teams: Men's, Women's, and Co-ed. The minimum team size is four runners. There is no maximum limit on team size. However, only the top four runners from each team will be scored. Scoring will follow a cross country race point system. Each runner will receive points that correspond to their place (e.g. 1st runner to cross finish line receives one point, 23rd runner to cross finish line will receive 23 points). The scores from the top four runners on each team will be tallied and the team receiving the lowest score wins. For Co-ed teams, the scores from the top two males and the top two females on each team will be tallied. We will award prizes to the winning team from each category.

A Place to Leave Your Stuff

In previous years, a big concern of participants has been where can they leave their keys and wallets and other small accessories while running the 5K. In addition to providing parking and certifying our race, we will be hosting a gear check for people to leave their items while they are out running. Please note that we will be providing a clear plastic 1-gallon Ziploc bag inside of the packet that participants pick up after they register for the race, and we will only be accepting that bag at our gear check location. The bag we provide will be a see-through bag with a closing slider, so please only bring small items that fit inside that bag, as we cannot accept anything that does not fit within the closed bag. Gear check will be at the TMC Commons where race sign-in will be. Look at the Race Information tab for more information about our gear check's location.

Completely FREE Kids 1K Fun Run

Registration for kids in the Fun Run will be completely FREE of charge for anyone under the age of 10 years old. And to parents who wish to run or walk in the 5K race, we will have activities for your child to participate in while you are busy running, monitored by a dedicated set of volunteers. Please note that the Baylor College of Medicine does not assume liability for your child, and a waiver must be signed before your child may be dropped off to our volunteers.

Access Our New Website from Any Device

You should be able to access our brand new website,, as well as our registration website, from any computer, laptop, or mobile device.