At Baylor College of Medicine, philanthropy funds growth and transforms medicine. The quality of healthcare we provide and the speed with which we bring biomedical discoveries to local, national, and global communities depend on the philanthropic donations the College receives from friends in Houston and beyond. We appreciate your support. 

We also recognize that it is the collective, integrated effort of the entire College that makes it possible to find cures for disease, care for patients, and advance human health. For example, the surgeon’s decision that saves a life is informed by the diagnostic tools of pathology and radiology, while new treatments may have their beginning in the genomics laboratory and find their potential in the hands of a clinician. No program flourishes in isolation. That is why we have established a shared pool of resources that supports collaboration and growth – the Strategic Growth Fund. 

As of July 1, 2011, philanthropic gifts must fund College strategic priorities first. If a gift does not meet that purpose, the department that benefits from it will be assessed 25 percent of the gift’s value for the Strategic Growth Fund. The assessment may be paid with other departmental funds or budget reductions. Gifts specifically designated for a strategic priority, endowment or direct educational support (student tuition and fees and trainee stipends/salary and benefits) are exempt, as are estate and deferred gifts.

Unlike many of our peer institutions that use assessments to fund administrative overhead and operating costs, fully 100 percent of this Board-approved Fund supports the mission-based programs in the College’s Strategic Plan.

The Strategic Growth Fund is an essential element in Baylor College of Medicine's commitment to fiscal responsibility and transparency. Thank you for supporting the College’s highest priorities and growth.