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Planned Giving

Baylor College of Medicine's Planned Giving website contains general explanations of new tax laws, asset management and complex planning concepts including living trusts, annuities, memorials and deferred gifts. It is not offered as professional tax or legal advice and may not apply in all cases. Please consult a tax advisor or legal counsel about your specific situation.

Planned Giving Recognition through the Jaworski Society

The Jaworski Society was founded to recognize and thank all our Baylor College of Medicine friends and family who have arranged for the College to receive a bequest, life income plan, or other deferred gift. Simply advise us of your intentions to be enrolled in the society and receive the benefits it offers.

We would be glad to provide you with a booklet that describes the scope and benefits offered by the society to those who include a deferred gift or testamentary bequest for Baylor in their estate or financial plan.

For more information see the contact information in the box to the right.

Jaworski Society Members


Neil R. Arbegast, M.D. (Resident)
Carol J. Baker, M.D., ‘68
Jeanette and James R. Bocell, Jr., M.D. ‘73
Major W. Bradshaw, M.D., M.S., ‘67
C. Eugene Carlton, Jr., M.D., ‘55
Robert J. Carpenter, Jr., M.D., ‘73
Ronald E. Carver, M.D., ‘67
Arthur A. Cohen, M.D., ‘66
Drs. Dale and Shirley Kindberg Coln, ‘61
Anna Beth Connell, M.D., ‘49
Robert E. Coons, M.D., ‘56
Alan T. Cramer, M.D., ‘63
Clifford Dacso, M.D., ‘75
Philip R. Dreessen, M.D., ‘67
William J. Eichner, M.D., ‘75
Wendell D. Erwin, M.D., ‘66
Jerald B. Felder, M.D., ‘59
George D. Ferry, M.D., ‘64
James W. Foard, P.A., ‘76
H. Fielding Fromberg, M.D., ‘56
John D. Geisler, M.D., ‘59
Michael W. Gillespie, M.D., ‘67
James M. Gray, M.D., ‘56
Lazar J. Greenfield, M.D., ‘58
Edward T. Hager, M.D., ‘59
Curtis R. Haley, M.D., ‘51
John A. Herring, M.D., ‘67
Charles R. Hurst, M.D., ‘58
Martin L. Johnson, M.D., ‘75
James E. Key II, M.D., ‘70
Harold M. Koenig, M.D., ‘66
Mark E. Kunik, M.D., ‘87
Y. Alan Lambert, Jr., M.D., ‘52
C. Kenneth Landrum, M.D., ‘54
Samuel W. Law II, M.D., ‘75
Robert P. Lehmann, M.D. (Resident)
John M. Long, M.D., ‘63
Paul David Martin, M.D., ’83, Kathleen Pfalzgraf, DrPH, Livingston Martin and Benjamin Martin
Ralph B. Martin, M.D., ‘48
Michael C. McGoodwin, M.D., ‘69
Tom S. McHorse, M.D., ‘67
George J. Merriman, M.D., ‘40
Cynthia J. Miller, M.D., ‘84
Juan Ernesto F. Minelli, M.D. (Resident)
Roger W. Moore, M.D., ‘58
Harvey A. Nurick, M.D., ‘79
Robert B. Parke, Jr., M.D., ‘73
Rodney C. Richie, M.D., ‘72
Charles W. Rimmer, Jr., M.D., ‘66
Antoinette Ripepi, M.D., (Resident)
Philip B. Rothenberg, M.D., F.A.C.S, (Resident)
Webster L. Sage, Jr., M.D., ‘54
Eugene A. St. Clair, M.D., ‘48
Robert L. Stokes, M.D., ‘74
Herman D. Suit, M.D., Ph.D., ‘52
Larry H. Taber, M.D., ‘60
Martha Tacker, Ph.D., ‘69
Willis Tacker, M.D., Ph.D., ‘70
Robert S. Tolmach, M.D. (Resident)
Robert S. Toth, M.D., J.D., L.L.M., ‘76
Bill H. Warren, M.D., ‘68
Thomas M. Wheeler, M.D., ‘77
C. Harold Willingham, M.D., ‘57
Ken Yoder, M.D., ‘74


Mary V. Adams
Scott F. Basinger, Ph.D.
Brena Baumann-Gonzalez
Eileen V. Behrendt
Dr. & Mrs. William R. Brinkley
The Reverend and Mrs. A. Dean Calcote
Dr. and Mrs. Gregory S. Carter
Kristi and John Cooper
Shani Corbière
Pauline Delaney
Stanley Druck
Sandra Eckels
Beverly & Harold Friedman
Dr. and Mrs. Arthur Garson, Jr.
Mr. George B. Geary
Karen M. Gorman
Mr. and Mrs. Donald M. Graubart
Mr. and Mrs. John Grissett
Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Grivetti
Arline and Ben Guefen
Connie and James Haddox
Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Hinds
Jane Jackson
Mark E. Johnson
James A. and Doris Jones
Reema and Chris Kasavich
Lisa Kennedy
Frances I. Kirkham
Dr. Carolyn C. Kneese
Kathy Kokas
L. Russell Malinak, M.D.
Jane and Stephen Marmion
Eli M. Mizrahi, M.D.
Mrs. Neville Moore
Beverly W. Morrison
Edward W. Norwood
Regina A. O’Donnell
Lee Work Parke
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Poe
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Rusk
David and Sheri Starnes
Carlos Vallbona, M.D.
C. Linwood Vincent
Dr. and Mrs. Gunter K. von Noorden
Bernard L. Weingarten
Mrs. Marjorie J. Williams
Jackson O. Wilson
Elise C. Young
Mr. Roger W. Zygmunt

Memorial Members


Richard N. Betz, M.D. (Resident)
Harvey D. Campbell III, M.D., ‘79
Oscar H. Friedman, M.D., ‘36
Virginia S. Furrow, M.D., ‘42
P. Lamar Jackson, M.D., ‘53
Hannibal L. Jaworski, M.D., ‘26
C. Lee Liggett, M.D., ‘51
Jack Moore, M.D., ‘53
S. B. Morrison, M.D., ‘49
William W. O'Donnell, M.D., ‘52
Daron H. Powell, M.D., ‘56
Norborne B. Powell, M.D., ‘38
Robert J. Ruby, M.D., ‘36
Charles A. Rush, Jr., M.D., ‘53
R. Mason Shiflett, Jr., M.D., ‘45
Edna M. Spillar, M.D., ‘54
Clarence G. Wheeler, M.D., ‘55


June Carol Anderson
Wanda Best
Joel B. Carroll
Winifred T. Carter
Ruby O. Clark
Meg DeLancey
Andrew Delaney
Oliver Dougharty
Viola Sigel Duer
Buck Eckels
Frances Friedman
Connie & Clifford Gentry Trust
Benito O. Giurintano
Frank Greenberg, M.D.
Margaret J. Haney
Esther Haugen
Sara Delois Holt
Jesmarie Hurst
Dr. and Mrs. Raymond H. Kaufman
Eva K. Kitchen
Robert W. Kneebone Testamentary Trust
Ruth B. Kneebone
LeRoy F. and Margaret A. Kramer
Blanche L. Largent
Caroline Wiess Law
Eleanor Lensky
Dora W. Lillie
George B. Lindler
Billie A. Malinak
Sandra L. Malone
Jacqueline Ann McCauley
Mr. and Mrs. Terrence M. McCormick III
Clifton R. McMichael
Hugo V. Neuhaus, Jr. Trust
Constantine S. Nicandros
Barbara Norwood
Carl J. Olson
Adelle C. Pittman
Elizabeth Powell, M.D.
Juanita & James A. Quigley
Russell Scott, Jr., M.D.
Ruth Spearman
Dr. and Mrs. Gilbert R. Whitaker, Jr.
Mrs. John E. Whitmore
Olga Keith Wiess
Dr. J. Earl Williams
James P. Wiseheart