Martin Luther King Day

Baylor College of Medicine will be closed on Monday, Jan. 18 in observance of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.


Endowed Scholarships


Baylor College of Medicine has more than 200 endowed scholarships.

Scholarships open doors, broaden horizons, offer possibilities and help students achieve their educational and professional dreams. 

Presidential Scholarships

Bob Bullock Presidential Excellence Award
Drs. Magda Rona and Michael M. Dacso Presidential Excellence Award
DeBakey Medical Foundation Biomedical Research and Academic Medical Scholarship
Herbert J. Frensley Presidential Excellence Award Scholarship
Rosa May Griffin Presidential Excellence Award
Hobby Foundation Presidential Excellence Award
Crawford and Hattie Jackson Presidential Scholarship
Clara C. and Sandra Love Medical Education Scholarship
Marian and Speros Martel Endowed Scholarship
Carloss and Doris Morris Presidential Excellence Award
Barbara Owsley Foundation Presidential Excellence Award
William Ralph Sugg, M.D. Presidential Excellence Award


June Carol and Richard Anderson Scholarship
Cyndi J. Baily, J.D., M.P.H., Endowed Scholarship
William T. Butler, M.D., Endowed Scholarship
Kenneth D. Ball Scholarship
Baylor College of Medicine Tulane University School of Medicine Endowed Scholarship
Baylor University/Baylor College of Medicine Endowed Scholarship
Lela Bentley Scholarship
Josephine and Richard Bohannon, M.D. Scholarship
Albert Q. and Elizabeth V. Butler Scholarship
Katherine B. Campbell Scholarship
Robert C. Carman Scholarship
Matthew Carter Memorial Scholarship
A.P. Cary Scholarship
Alfred M. Cinnamon Endowed Scholarship
Virginia A. Clark Medical Student Scholarship
Coker-Cox Memorial Scholarship
College of Women's Club Scholarship
Shirley Kindberg-Coln, M.D., and Dale Coln, M.D., BU/BCM Alumni Scholarship
David D. Coyer, M.D. Memorial Scholarship
Dr. Judith L. Craven Scholarship
Criterion M.D. Student Scholarship
William James Silas and Leo Baines Crump Scholarship
C.W. Delancey Scholarship
Peyton Linwood Denman M.D. Scholarship
Jeffrey Elkins Memorial Scholarship
Jenny AND Wendell d. Erwin, M.D., '66 Endowed Scholarship
Dr. Francisco José Echegaray Espada Endowed Scholarship
E. Burke Evans, M.D., BU/BCM Alumni Scholarship
Wilton M. Fisher Memorial Scholarship
Thomas Flaxman Scholarship
D. Fort and C. B. Flowers Endowed Scholarship
J. E. Foster Scholarship
Fries-Vascoe Medical Student Scholarship
Dr. Julius Giessel Memorial Scholarship
Susan K. and Michael W. Gillespie, M.D., '67 Endowed Scholarship
Vernon B. Glenn, M.D., Scholarship
Dr. William and Patricia Gordon Student Scholarship
O.P. Griffin Memorial Scholarship
Grimble Scholarship
Dr. Curtis R. and Mary Jean Haley Endowed Scholarship
Drs. R. H. Harrison Endowed Scholarship
Charles L. Heaton, M.D., '61 Endowed Scholarship
Dr. John W. and Roblyn M. Herndon Scholarship
William R. Higgs, M.D., Scholarship
L. Leighton Hill, M.D., Endowed Scholarship
Bertha Hirsch Scholarship
Ruth M. Laird Hix Endowment Scholarship
Thomas B. Hoover, M.D., Scholarship
Hannibal L. Jaworski, M.D., BU/BCM Scholarship
Jeang Family Endowed Scholarship
Martin L. Johnson, M.D., '75 & Olinda Young Endowed Scholarship
George Lyman Jordan III Memorial Scholarship
Killson Educational Foundation Scholarship
Dr. Edgar King, Jr., Endowed Scholarship
Harold and Deena Koenig Scholarship
Frank L. Kretzer, Ph.D., Endowed Scholarship
Andrews Kurth, LLP, Endowed Scholarship
Stephen G. Lauten, M.D., '74 Scholarship
Dr. John F. and Sylvia M. Lawler Endowed Scholarship
Lawler Family Scholarship
John W. Lee Endowed Scholarship
Libby Family Scholarship
May R. Litowsky Endowed Scholarship
Dr. Thomas P. Lyon Appreciation Scholarship
Dr. and Mrs. Ralph B. Martin, M.D., Endowed Scholarship
Mattox Educational Endowed Scholarship
George J. and Lorwen L. Merriman Scholarship Fund
Wendy Haskell Meyer Scholarship
Roger W. Moore, M.D., '58 Family Endowed Scholarship
Stanley Bert and Elsie Faye Moore Endowed Scholarship
Dr. Russell and Cecilia Neuhaus Scholarship
Willard and Ruth Nichols Endowed Scholarship
Harold E. Nicholson Jr. Scholarship
Jack O'Wesne Scholarship
N.J. and R.W. Pickett Memorial Scholarship
Dr. Evelyn Gass Powers Memorial Scholarship
Hugh and Ann Roff Medical Scholarship
Rutledge Valdes Endowed Scholarship
Evan Sage and Bryan Sage Endowed Scholarship
James R. Schofield, M.D., BU/BCM Alumni Scholarship
Dr. R. Mason and Mrs. Margie V. Shiflett, Jr., '45 Endowed Scholarship
Ruth and Maurice Spearman Scholarship
Dr. and Mrs. George Herschel Spurlock Memorial Scholarship
Paul R. Stalnaker Scholarship
Earl Glenn Standlee Scholarship
Charles T. and Betty Pearce Stephenson Scholarship
Dr. Cleveland R. Steward Scholarship
Strake Foundation Endowed Scholarship
Sugden Family Scholarship
Larry Taber, M.D., Student Scholarship
E. E. Townes Memorial Scholarship
Joe Weingarten Scholarship
Jack and Loris Jane Welhausen Endowed Scholarship
David L. White Scholarship
C. Harold Willingham, M.D., BU/BCM Alumni Scholarship in memory of James R. Scholfield, M.D.
Dr. and Mrs. Alfred S. Wolfe, M.D., '38 Scholarship
Wong Family Scholarship
Senator Judith Zaffirini Endowed Scholarship
Lynette and John H. Zeiter, M.D., '88 Endowed Scholarship
Robert K. Zurawin, M.D., '77 Family Endowment

School of Health Professions Scholarships

Doctor of Nursing Practice Program Alumni Student Scholarship
Carl Fasser Physician Assistant Scholarship
Genetics Counseling Scholarship
Physician Assistant Alumni Student Scholarship
Orthotics and Prosthetics Student Scholarship
Susan Mortensen Turley Endowed Scholarship

Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences Scholarships

MD Anderson Foundation Endowed Graduate Scholars
Betz-Harlan Endowed Scholarship
BP America Biomedical Scholar
BRASS Graduate Student Scholarship
BRASS - Don D. Jordan Endowed Scholarship
BRASS - Don D. Sykora Endowed Scholarship
BRASS - Myra Branum Wilson Endowed Scholarship
Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences Alumni Student Scholarship
Mary Owen Greenwood Graduate Scholarship
Milton T. Gregory Graduate School Endowed Scholarship
John J. Trentin, Ph.D., Endowed Scholarship

M.D./Ph.D. Scholarships

Thomas D. and Janice H. Barrow M.D./Ph.D. Scholarship
Baylor M.D./Ph.D. Scholarship
BCM Medical Scientist Training Program Alumni Endowed Scholarship
C. Thomas Caskey, M.D., Scholarship
Richard R. Dickason, Jr., M.D., Ph.D. Endowed Scholar
Edward J. and Josephine G. Hudson Scholarship
Joseph and Matilda Melnick Endowed Scholarship
Peter Evans Pratt Endowed Scholarship
Transco Energy Company M.D./Ph.D. Scholarship

Other Scholarships

Beach Memorial Urology Resident Scholarship
Kenneth L. Burdon Award for Excellence in Microbiology
Busch Graduate Student Scholarship
Eugene B. Casey Medical Scientist Scholars
Cullen Foundation Endowed Scholarships in Molecular Genetics
J. William Hearn, M.D. '37 Endowed Scholarship
Michael D. Higgins Endowed Scholarship
Maye (Pat) E. and Alan Lambert, M.D. Endowed Scholarship
Oto-HNS Alumni Associate Scholarship
Dr. and Mrs. L. V. Pentecost Endowed Scholarship
Minoru Suzuki Award for Excellence in Neuroscience
Tenneco Graduate Students Scholarship
Raymond B. Wait, M.D. Memorial Scholarship
Dr. Bonnie and Bettye Westbrook and Tom and Ina Sowders Endowed Scholarship in Family Medicine