Baylor College of Medicine is incredibly grateful to the special group of individuals whose foresight laid the foundation for a successful launch of the BCM Fund in the 2004-2005 academic year.

Each of these philanthropists became a member of the BCM Fund Founders Circle with a generous $10,000 contribution in the fund's inaugural year.

Mr. and Mrs. John Bookout III
Ruth McLean Bowman Bowers
Dr. Rachel H. Caillouet and Mr. James A. Caillouet
Mr. and Mrs. James H. Chao
Dr. and Mrs. Gary F. Cox
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Duncan
Mr. James A. Elkins, Jr.
Linda and Jerry Fields
Dr. and Mrs. Samuel C. Hon
Mr. Harvey R. Houck, Jr.
Roy M. Huffington
Ms. Terry Huffington and Dr. Ralph E. Dittman
Lee and Joe Jamail
Jodie L. Jiles
Rolanette and Berdon Lawrence
Penny and Paul B. Loyd, Jr.
Mrs. Barbara D. Mackey
Flo and Bill McGee
Trinidad Mendenhall
Mr. and Mrs. R. Randall Onstead, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Richardson
H. John and Diane M. Riley
Barbara and Corbin J. Robertson, Jr.
Jeri and Marc J. Shapiro
Dr. Joe L. Simpson and Dr. Sandra A. Carson
Mr. and Mrs. Lou Waters
Kim and Chuck Watson
Robert B. Wilcox, M.D.
Mr. and Mrs. Wallace S. Wilson
Dr. and Mrs. Steven M. Yaplee