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BCM - Baylor College of Medicine

Giving life to possible

The Partnership for Baylor College of Medicine

Our Mission

The Partnership was created in 2000 when the Baylor Ten and The Guild joined forces to become the primary support group for Baylor College of Medicine. In 2005, the Baylor Women's Faculty Club joined The Partnership to generate an even stronger organization.

With a membership of more than 600 women and men, The Partnership is dedicated to supporting the college through community advocacy, educational programs, and involvement in fundraising activities.

The Partnership for Baylor College of Medicine Board Officers for 2014-2015

Rachel Regan

Doe Florsheim
Immediate Past President

Ora Gibson
President Elect

Meg Christensen, Sheri Khatami, Sharlene Hawkes, Beth Zdeblick
Co-Vice Presidents, Membership

Laura Blinten, Pepper Lieberman
Co-Vice Presidents, Special Events

Linda Mark, Cindi Wilson, Sue Worscheh
Co-Vice Presidents, Fundraising

Diane Gendel, Betty Hrncir
Co-Vice Presidents, Educational Programs

Peggy Carrington, Julie Comiskey
Co-Vice Presidents, Communications

Penny Pressler, Martha Rocks, Susan Todd
Co-Vice Presidents, Community Relations

Robyn Barnes, Lloyd Kirchner, Chantell Preston
Co-Vice Presidents, Volunteer Opportunities

Joann Crassas, Cora Sue Mach, Carol Sawyer 
Co-Vice Presidents, Advisory Board

Keli Luce
Board Secretary

Mary Sapp Fischer

Jim Pearson
Social Media Coordinator

Kristin Peaarson
Young Professionals Initiative Coordinator

Bain Pearson Pitts

Doe Florsheim
Past Presidents Representative


*All officers are also members of the Board of Directors.

Board Members

Jana Arnoldy
Robyn Barnes
Donatella Beckenstein
Laura Blinten
Lisa Bordelon
Jennifer Bosch
Kristy Bradshaw
Peggy Carrington
Meg Christensen
Julie Comiskey
Joann Crassas
Valerie Dietrich
Nancy Dinerstein
TJ Farnsworth
Mary Sapp Fischer
Doe Florsheim
Diane Gendel
Ora Gibson
Barbara Gretzer
Sharlene Hawkes
Megan Hotze
Betty Hrncir
Sholeh Huber
Sheri Khatami
Lloyd Kirchner
Claudia Kreisle
Molly LaFauci
Pepper Lieberman
Penny Loyd
Keli Luce
Linda Mark
John Onstott
Kristin Pearson
Bain Pearson Pitts
Penny Pressler
Chantell Preston
Rachel Regan
Karan Robinson
Martha Rocks
Carol Sawyer
Shawne Stephens
Susan Todd
Nicole Walters
Elizabeth Webster
Cindi Wilson
Sue Worscheh
Beth Zdeblick

Advisory Board Members

Erin Blair
Georgene Brandon
Cindy Brown
Susan Elias
Roshanak Far
James Flowers
Kathleen Hayes
Mignon Heizer
Margaret Justus
Carolyn Kneese
Debby Leighton
Kathleen Leonard
Carolyn Mann
Mary Ann McKeithan
Marilyn Miles
Erin Montgomery
Trish Morille
Kim Padgett
Kathi Rovere
Yava Scott
Carrie Sturges
Sylvia Sullivan
Jamie Walter
Jill Wasserstrom
David Wuthrich
Robin Ellis-Young

Ex Officio Members

Jan Carson
Connie Haddox
Cora Sue Mach
Jim Pearson
Gail Rauhut
Carol Sawyer
Ty Whitcomb