Café Society Soirée

Café Society Soirée
Café Society Soirée

Phase One Clinical Trial Unit
The Dan L Duncan Comprehensive Cancer Center at Baylor College of Medicine

C. Kent Osborne, M.D.
The Dan L Duncan Comprehensive Cancer Center at Baylor College of Medicine

Event Chairs
Cora Sue and Harry Mach

Event Date
Friday, April 7, 2017

Event Time
7 p.m.

Event Location
The Briar Club
2603 Timmons Lane
Houston, TX 77027

For more information, please call us at (713) 798-5460 or email us at

Underwriters as of March 28, 2017

Louis Armstrong
The Mach Family

Cab Calloway
The Loyd Charitable Foundation
The Lester and Sue Smith Foundation

Miles Davis
Bud Light/Silver Eagle Distributors
Jan Duncan
Mary and Carl Fischer/Doe and Henry Florsheim
Karen Fox
Connie and James Haddox
Pat and Harold Korell
Trini Mendenhall
Frank and Marilyn Richardson
Diane and John Riley
Jane and Ed Parker/Judy and Glenn Smith

Fats Waller
Peggy and Bill Barnett
Peggy and Erik Carrington/Becky and Dr. Thomas Wheeler
CHI St. Luke's Health
Christine and Dr. Donald Donovan
Dan L Duncan Comprehensive Center
Samina Farid
Frost Bank
Shelly and Brian Hendry
Drs. Mary and Paul Klotman
Frank Saputo and Christopher McConn
Jeri and Marc Shapiro
Betty and Michael Tapick

Duke Ellington
Laura Blinten
Lotty Gautschi
Melanie Gray and Mark Wawro
Lili and Hans Kirchner
Lloyd Kirchner
Kirksey Architecture
Mr. and Mrs. U.J. LeGrange
Jane and Stephen Marmion
Deb Parks and Mark Bouzek
Shelley Starr and David Martin
Linda and Dr. David Sugarbaker
Fiona and Dr. Robert Toth
Valerie and John vonBerg
Mr. and Christopher D. Wallis

Coleman Hawkins
Robyn and Ben Barnes
Lisa Bordelon
Kristi and John Cooper
Diane and Harry Gendel
Susan and Dick Hansen
Trish and Andrew Hayes
Mignon and Al Heizer
Megan and Luke Hotze
Betty and John Hrncir
Claudia Kreisle
Debby and Bill Leighton
Carolyn and Dr. Mike Mann
Linda Mark
Myra L. Mayer
Martha and Marvin McMurrey
Mary Dee Neal and Ray Holtzapple
Bain Pearson and John R. Pitts
Lucy and Billy Raster
Gail and Stan Rauhut
Linda Ricca
Rebecca Rush
Vicki West
Sue and Mark Worscheh

Café Society Friends
Albertsons Companies, Inc.
Lilly and Thurmon Andress
Jane B. Block
Margaret and Paul Daffin
Jane DiPaolo
Bernice R. Feld
Ellie and Michael Francisco
Olive and Lynn Hughes
Leigh and Christopher Joseph
Margaret Justus – Justus Communications LLC
Patricia Y. Hogan-Korge
Joan Schnitzer Levy and Irvin Levy
Lynn and Ellis Locher
Trish and Rock Morille
Marcella B. Ritter, M.D., Ph.D.
Kathi and Bill Rovere
Carol and Dr. Tom Sawyer
Robert Schreiner
M. Sandra Scurria, M.D.
Nancy and Hans Strohmer
Merry Templeton
Betty and Jesse Tutor
Kathy Watkins
Margaret Alkek Williams/Randa and Charles Williams
Wallace S. Wilson and Jeanie Kilroy Wilson
Joanne and Welcome Wilson
Roger Zygmunt