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Letter from the BRASS President

Welcome to another exciting year of activities for Baylor Research Advocates for Student Scientists (BRASS), and thank you for your dedication to this group in its support of exceptional students enrolled in the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences at Baylor College of Medicine.

Since the inception of BRASS in 1995, we have raised more than $3 million for endowed scholarships to support these remarkable scholars. These scientists in training are the future of biomedical research and are passionate about finding cures for human disease.

I am honored to be BRASS president through 2015. I share pride with other members in knowing that BRASS scholarships and research grants are increasingly effective in attracting the nation’s top students to Baylor. This year, my vision for BRASS focuses on four key goals:

Increasing corporate support. More of Houston’s great business leaders need to know this treasure we call BRASS and about its incredible scholars. This will mean exposing more business leaders to BRASS through our events and through personal outreach. I’m hopeful this will be an exciting ‘advocacy’ opportunity for all BRASS members.

Engaging members more fully. I invite each and every member of BRASS to become more dedicated to this organization. I believe there could be no better way to accomplish this than through a clear connection to our mission and exposure to our amazing BRASS scholars. We will do this through key, signature events throughout the coming year.

Promote BRASS for a Lifetime. Tapping into the network of our BRASS alumni will provide a rich reserve of program endorsement and potential funding.

In closing, I encourage all BRASS members to recommit themselves to our organization’s goals. If you are not a BRASS member, I invite you to join us as we support the scientific pursuits of the incredible students at Baylor College of Medicine. Your individual commitment lays the foundation for our organization’s continued success.


Diana Brown
BRASS President

For more information about BRASS or our exciting events, please contact Nancy Davis at (713) 798-6194 or via email at