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BCM - Baylor College of Medicine

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Contact Us

Main Line: (713) 798-4714
Main Fax: (713) 798-3344

Mailing Address:
Baylor College of Medicine
Office of Development and Alumni Affairs
MSC #800
P.O. Box 4976
Houston, TX 77210

Courier/Delivery Address:
Baylor College of Medicine
Office of Development and Alumni Affairs
One Baylor Plaza, MS: BCM160
Houston, TX 77030-3411

Development and Alumni Affairs Staff

Kristi Cooper, Vice President for Development and Alumni Affairs, (713) 798-8675

Kirsten Schachter, Assistant Vice President for Development, (713) 798-4067

Suann Lloyd, Executive Director of Development, (713) 798-6922

Kaye DeHart, Executive Coordinator, (713) 798-6195

Development Officers

Nancy Davis, Senior Director of Development, (713) 798-6194
Kaiti Kling, Senior Director of Development, (713) 798-4058
Barbara L. Walker, Senior Director of Development, (713) 798-3437
Lisa Timmons Wood, Senior Director of Development, (713) 798-3661
Tiggy Garrett, Director of Development, (713) 798-7306
Laura Jahn, Director of Corporate Relations, (713) 798-4917
Lona Leigh, Director of Development, (713) 798-9093
David Starnes, Director of Development, Planned Giving, (713) 798-5462
Kate Pagel, Senior Project Manager, (713) 798-3916

Alumni Affairs, The Partnership for BCM, Events and Communications

Alex Hopkins, Director of Alumni Affairs, (713) 798-4262
Major Bradshaw, M.D., Physician Advisor, Development and Alumni Affairs, (713) 798-9150
Erin Blair, Senior Director of Development Communications and Strategies, (713) 798-7976
Helen Carlson Shultz, Advancement Associate, (713) 798-9090
Jasmine Harrison, Advancement Coordinator, (713) 798-6277


Information Management

Judy Sampieri, Senior Director of Information Management, (713) 798-6104
Peter Moreno, Information Management Coordinator II, (713) 798-8527

Constituent Strategies and Communications

Denise Hensley, Senior Director of Constituent Strategies, (713) 798-9115
Summer Bartlett-Moore, Senior Director of Constituent Strategies, (713) 798-4009
Wil McCorquodale, Ph.D., Director of Constituent Strategies, (713) 798-3716
Vickie McLemore, Director of Constituent Strategies, (713) 798-8618
Barbara Shreffler, MLIS, Director of Prospect Support and Analysis, (713) 798-7372
Jennifer O'Bryant, Assistant Director of Constituent Strategies, (713) 798-1029
Sarah Dorenbach, Administrative Coordinator I, (713) 798-6505

Endowments and Donor Stewardship

Cheryl Terry, Director of Endowments and Donor Stewardship, (713) 798-7384
Aditi Sheth, Project Manager, (713) 798-8268
Meredith McCrory, Development Associate, Planned Giving and Stewardship, (713) 798-9135

Administrative Staff Members

Tiki Boyd, Administrative Coordinator III, (713) 798-4570
Nyree Chanaba, Administrative Coordinator III, (713) 798-4054
Belinda Arcizo, Administrative Coordinator II, (713) 798-4694