Baylor College of Medicine stands at the forefront of the research community, is a nationally recognized medical school, and has faculty providing care across the Texas Medical Center and the world. Our seven-year strategic roadmap provides the blueprint for leveraging Baylor's collaborative environments and historic leadership to form a new paradigm for integrated health sciences universities.

The following programs are among the College's priorities for philanthropy this year.

Clinical Program Development at Baylor St. Luke’s Medical Center

Baylor St. Luke’s Medical Center will operate under a new model of healthcare delivery that focuses on the patient experience, improved outcomes and research-driven innovation. Central to this enterprise is the recruitment of faculty leaders who can align clinical activities and diagnostics with basic and translational research programs. We seek physician scientists to conduct clinical trials and collaborate across institutions to develop new medical and surgical therapies and procedures for conditions such as diabetes, cancer, obesity and cardiovascular disease. By increasing the number of faculty members pursuing healthcare solutions, we will be able to provide high quality healthcare for more patients in the community and exceptional learning opportunities for our trainees.


A strong endowed scholarship program is essential for the College to compete successfully with other leading schools for the best medical, graduate and allied health sciences students in the country, in terms of both academics and leadership potential. Scholarships allow students, regardless of financial standing, to pursue their educational and professional dreams, focusing their energies on their studies rather than on managing the escalating costs of higher education and living expenses. These individuals will care for the next generation of patients and make important contributions in research.