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Breast Cancer Volunteer Advocates for Baylor College of Medicine

Jane Marmion is one of the original idea people behind the breast cancer volunteer movement in Houston. She not only is a founding member of the Breast Cancer Advisory Committee for the Lester and Sue Smith Breast Center at Baylor College of Medicine but also is one of the groundbreaking supporters who brought the Komen Race for the Cure to Houston. 

"My advocacy centers around patient care," said Jane Marmion. "Of course, I'm interested in research and in clinical care, but my heart belongs to the patients and their families. What happens to them as they suffer through breast cancer, the treatments and to the families afterward are all very important to me."

Jane and her husband Stephen Marmion recently made the decision to include Baylor College of Medicine in their wills. Through the years, the Marmions have supported the Smith Breast Center and The Partnership for BCM but believed a planned gift would allow them to contribute a larger gift. 

"We have been very interested in the work of the doctors and scientists at Baylor College of Medicine. We also enjoy going to some of the events and activities. It just makes sense to include this interest in our hope for future generations," Stephen Marmion said. 

"It thrills me to be asked to help," Jane said. "God provided me with an opportunity, and I had the ability to serve and to organize some of the initial efforts." Her behind-the-scenes brainstorming with friends is at the core of many of the committees and women’s groups that start a movement and then get an idea off the ground.

She was there with Jane Parker when Royce Hassell came up with the idea for the first Pink Ribbon House to support the breast center at Baylor. She has acted on that initial interest by advocating for patient care, preventive screenings and after-care. 

"I believe we need to be concerned with families who are experiencing illness such as breast cancer. We need support groups and active volunteer groups. Everyone wants a cure, whatever the disease, but I am concerned with the here and now of how we help people cope," she said.