Discovering the fundamentals of human health and disease and translating these discoveries into advances that improve lives, requires collaborative, coordinated efforts by individuals and teams with diverse expertise. 


Office of Foundations Relations


Foundation Relations has a broad array of experience and approaches for developing relationships with foundations. We serve as a catalyst to connect, collaborate, advise, and help big ideas become reality. 

We seek innovative ways to connect to foundations through board members, faculty connections, and other friends of Baylor College of Medicine. Our team has worked with foundations for many years and often we can assist in putting together the best strategy for success. 


Working with Foundation Relations


In working with the foundation relations team, we can help identify foundations that support your body of work, your programs, and your research. We have built relationships with national and local foundations, and we can assist in developing the best strategy to approach a foundation. We can also assist in identifying specific prospects through our research databases. 

We provide services specifically designed to increase your chance of success:

  • Help you identify and develop the best approach to seeking foundation funding
  • Our writing team helps develop competitive proposals (often with graphics)
  • Provide specific prospects that are identified through our research team based on your work
  • Serve as the liaison to the foundation, often building relationships with program staff
  • Review and critique proposals and letters
  • Assist in grant reporting and stewarding the foundation
  • Help coordinate proposals through the Office of Research

What is a private foundation?


A private foundation is a private charity established to make grants that meet a mission created in its chartering. As of 2017 there are over 86,000 foundations in the United States. In the same year, foundations granted $66.9 billion, accounting for 16% of all charitable giving, second only to individual giving. Corporate foundations granted $20.7 billion in the same year, accounting for 5% of all charitable giving. 


What do foundations fund?


Each has their own goals and their own set of criteria, application process, budget information, other.  No foundation is the same. Foundations are ever evolving

  • Innovation and risk
  • Seed funding for research
  • Foundations like to be leveraged for large NIH funding
  • Cutting-edge, groundbreaking research – want to be on the forefront
  • Programming – local, national, pilot
  • Capital – not typical, but sometimes exceptions

Collaboration with Office of Research


Foundation relations works in collaboration with the Office of Research to identify priority needs of the institution as well as to determine whether money raised is considered a gift or a sponsored agreement. These areas often overlap, and we are happy to assist in any determination.

  • Work directly in collaboration with Sponsored Programs
  • Helps translate research
  • Identify funding priorities
  • Often, proposals are submitted through BRAIN
  • We work to ensure proper submission and reporting of grants and awards – audit
  • Assist in limited competitions