Partnership Benefits


Our strategic marketing team plans and implements programs that work to meet the goals and objectives of our corporate partners. We take an integrated approach to partnership development, providing you with clear marketing direction, ongoing support and turnkey program implementation.

Baylor College of Medicine provides extensive resources and support that allow our partners to customize messaging that best matches their mission, vision and values. Partnering with us can have the following benefits.

Global Impact

Baylor College of Medicine, home to the No. 1-ranked medical school in Texas, is a global leader in biomedical education, innovative research and scientific discovery. Your partnership is a key driver of our mission and global impact.

Target Audience

Baylor College of Medicine partners with local and global leaders to serve communities in Greater Houston and around the world.     

Cause Marketing Partnership

An effective cause marketing partnership with Baylor College of Medicine can have the following results.

  • 20% Increase in Revenue
  • 13% Increase in Employee Productivity
  • 7.5% Increase in Employee Engagement
  • 50% Increase in Employee Turnover