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Presidential Award for Excellence in Education

Houston, Texas

The Michael E. DeBakey Center at BCM
Office of Undergraduate Medical Education
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Nomination and Selection Overview

Nominees are defined as those who are nominated.

Candidates are defined as those chosen by the selection committee for final review.

  1. Any individual may nominate a faculty member. The letter of nomination is to come from two individuals; at least one of them must be a faculty member. See How to Nominate a Faculty Member.
  2. If this is a re-nomination, please carefully read the Eligibility and Educational Criteria page prior to proceeding.
  3. Nomination letters, biosketches (1-2 pages), and CVs (must be in BCM format) for a nominee will be submitted to the Office of the Dean of Medical Education.
  4. After the selection committee accepts a nomination, the Office of the Dean of Medical Education will contact the nominated individual to confirm that they are willing to be considered as a nominee for the award. The Presidential Award is a competitive (norm-based) award. The selection committee will determine the nominees to be further reviewed after submission of additional materials.
  5. If a nominee is selected to be a candidate for final review, the individuals submitting the nomination will be asked to submit the names of five individuals to be asked to write letters of recommendation on behalf of the nominee. At least three of these individuals must be faculty at Baylor College of Medicine.

    Nominees should establish, together with their nominators, a list of individuals from whom they would like letters of recommendation to be requested, prior to the date for notification of nominees selected for further review. Individuals who write letters of recommendation should know the nominee and their work at Baylor well, be well established in the College or the nominee's discipline, and represent, as a group, a diversity of perspectives. For each individual letter writer, include full name, title, affiliation, address, phone number and email addresses. See Guidelines for Writing Letters of Recommendation.

    The committee will again review the curriculum vitae and biosketch submitted with the nomination letter, and it is anticipated that the letters of recommendation will have a great influence on the selection of award recipients.
  6. Following review of all materials for the candidates, the selection committee will recommend the names of the recipients that will be submitted to the President and CEO of the College.

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