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Patient, Physician and Society

Patient Physician and Society

PPS student examining patientPPS is a first and second year course that meets one afternoon each week. It teaches students about interviewing, medical history taking, physical examination, professional values, and the social context of patients and physicians. The two years operate differently and require different kinds of faculty involvement.

Patient Physician and Society I - II

In PPS-I (fall of the first year) and PPS II (spring of the first year), students work in small groups of eight with faculty mentors and with clinical preceptors. These preceptors are generalist clinicians who take the students into their offices, so that students can practice their clinical skills with generally well, ambulatory patients. The knowledge and skills are taught first by faculty at the medical school and then practiced in the preceptors’ offices throughout the year.

Mentors commitment is three hours every other week on Wednesday afternoon for 9-10 sessions per semester and Preceptor commitment is three hours every other week on Wednesday or Thursday afternoon for about 7-8 sessions per semester.

Patient Physician and Society III

PPS students talking with instructorDuring the fall of the second year, students learn about physical diagnosis and continue to refine their history-taking skills. Students practice their clinical skills either in the hospital setting or in ambulatory sites throughout the medical center. Students perform complete histories and comprehensive examinations during contacts with hospitalized patients or with willing patients in outpatient clinics. The students then meet with their preceptors to review the findings and to monitor the students' progress. During the course, the students are also introduced to urologic and gynecologic examinations through experience with standardized patients. This course, particularly the sessions with preceptors, is an integral part of students' preparation for Clinical Rotations that begin in January of the second year of medical school.

For information on becoming a:

PPS students examining patientPPS I-II Mentor: contact Christina St. Michel, M.D., 713-798-7782, or Jamie Smith, 713-798-7669,

PPS I-II Preceptor: contact Dennis Myers, M.D., or Carolyn Olson 713-798-6590,

PPS III Preceptor: contact Anita Kusnoor, M.D., 713-873-3560,, or Laura Newell, 713-798-1350, or Lori Ezzell, 713-798-4129,

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