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Longitudinal Ambulatory Clinical Experience

LACE is a required course for all third year students and has two six-month components: a longitudinal ambulatory clinic and a community experience. Both components are scheduled on Thursday afternoons so that students leave their core rotations for four-five hours to attend clinic or to visit a series of community based social and health related agencies. The goals of LACE are to provide a continuity clinic experience for students and to introduce students to agencies that provide patients crucial services outside of traditional hospital based settings.

Faculty are always needed who can provide supervision for an upper level student in ambulatory clinic. Preferences for preceptors are not absolute but include the primary care disciplines - internal medicine, pediatrics, family medicine, medicine/pediatric and ob-gyn; comfort with students first seeing and examining patients without the preceptor; and examining room availability for a student

Community sites for the community experiences include such agencies as CPS, APS, Planned Parenthood, Bo's Place, TMC Hospice and HAWC. Faculty members who have strong ties to similar agencies are encouraged to contact the LACE community experience coordinator to discuss arrangements for student participation.

For more information contact:

Course Director:
Anne Gill, Dr.P.H., M.S., R.N.
Department of Academic General Pediatrics
713-798-7817 or e-mail:

Cindy Patton
Office of Educational Assessment and Research
713-798-7660, e-mail:

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