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Faculty Education Initiatives

Houston, Texas

Faculty Education Initiatives activites
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Integrative Clinical Experiences

Photo of an Integrative Clinical Experiences class session.A senior elective course, Integrative Clinical Experiences helps graduating students develop some of the basic attitudes, skills and knowledge needed for a successful transition from student to intern, with regard to certain specific procedures, work management, clinical teaching and interpersonal and personal behaviors.

The course is available to 65 students, and runs for two weeks in the spring of the Fourth year. Components include Advanced Cardiac Life Support, or ACLS, training, clinical radiology, teaching techniques and team skills, psychology of internship and relationships during residency, time management and stress management issues during residency and medical legal issues.

Faculty involvement varies, but includes giving lectures or leading groups on specific topics. Time commitment varies.

For more information contact Cindy Patton, ICE Coordinator, 713-798-3463, e-mail:

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