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Faculty Education Initiatives

Houston, Texas

Faculty Education Initiatives activites
Office of Faculty Development
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Educational Presentation Videos


  • May 7 – Mark Quirk, Ed.D., director, Clinical Faculty Development Center, assistant dean for Student Academic Achievement, University of Massachusetts Medical School, Wooster, Massachusetts, Education Day speaker, Changing the Culture of Medical Education: Focus on Expertise
  • Feb. 26 - Charles J. Hatem, M.D., Harold Amos professor of medicine, director of Harvard Medical School Academy Center for Teaching and Learning, director of medical education at Mount Auburn Hospital, Cambridge, Massachusetts, John E. Whitmore Endowed Lectureship, Teaching as a Performing Art
  • Feb. 25 – Darrell G. Kirch, M.D., president and CEO, Association of American Medical Colleges, John E. Whitmore Endowed Lectureship, Transforming Health Care – Transforming Ourselves
  • Dec. 6- Paula Sanders, Ph.D., Dean of Graduate and Post Doctoral Students, and Professor of History, Rice University, webinar presentation: Classroom Management 101

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