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Faculty Education Initiatives

Houston, Texas

Faculty Education Initiatives activites
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Faculty Education Initiatives

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Our programs support the continuous growth of faculty members as teachers, mentors, and educational scholars. Our Fac-Ed website provides comprehensive information on Baylor College of Medicine’s Faculty Educator Initiatives. College-wide programs for recognition as an educator, a wide variety of programs for educator development and opportunities in teaching and evaluation are described. Many of these programs have been recognized nationally as models for faculty development in medical schools.

Educator Recognition Awards

    Development as an Educator

  • Master's Teachers Fellowship Program - The primary aim of the two-year MTFP is to enhance the educational mission of the College by improving the knowledge, skills, and attitudes of individual faculty and empowering them to make a positive contribution to the College and to their department. Admissions are accepted every other year,. The next call for applicants will be in Spring of 2015.
  • The University of Houston Master of Education in Teaching with an Emphasis in the Health Sciences This degree granting program is taught within Texas Medical Center and is designed to meet the needs of the medical educator who is seeking to increase his or her instructional effectiveness and/or educational scholarship.
  • Peer Coaching for Educators - Educator peer coaching and review is valuable as a mechanism for the continuing improvement of faculty educational skills.
  • Team Based Learning -Team Based Learning brings together autonomous small-groups working independently in classes with high student-faculty ratios (e.g., up to 200:1) without losing the benefits of faculty-led small groups with lower ratios (e.g., 7:1).
  • Faculty Development Conference - A 2020 Vision of Faculty Development across the Medical Education Continuum - More than 70 national and international leaders in the field of medical education took part in this conference hosted by Baylor College of Medicine Feb. 26-28. Attendees worked in small groups on topics important in the field of faculty medical educational development. All educators can benefit from these discussions of the future of medical education.

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