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Fulbright & Jaworski L.L.P. Faculty Excellence Award

Houston, Texas

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Office of Faculty Development
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: To whom should letters of support be addressed?
A: Because a goal of the Fulbright & Jaworski L.L.P. Faculty Excellence Awards Program is to promote educational scholarship, we would like to encourage evaluation letters that help faculty learn what they are doing effectively or less effectively. Consequently, we do not accept letters of support to be sent confidentially (i.e., letters that are sent to a third party and which you will never read). Rather, we would encourage you to solicit letters that are addressed to you to help you improve. You can include a maximum of six of these letters in your portfolio. We strongly encourage you to solicit letters because they are used as a measure of quality of your educational activities. Be sure to list them in the quality column opposite from the item(s) they are addressing, listed in an appendix, and also list them in your Table of Appendices.

Q: How many faculty will receive the award each year?
A: The Fulbright & Jaworski L.L.P. Faculty Excellence Award is a standards-based recognition program. Consequently, all faculty who submit mini-portfolios containing sufficient evidence of quality, quantity, and breadth of educational endeavors in a specific category will receive an award (i.e., the review panel determines that the evidence is at least as much as presented in the standard-setting examples published on the website).

Q: I am a new faculty member at Baylor. Am I eligible to apply for this award using my educational contributions from my previous institution?
A: Educational contributions at your previous institution do not qualify for this award. The award provides an opportunity for Baylor faculty who meet designated standards of quality, quantity, and breadth to receive recognition for their sustained (at least three-five years), exemplary educational contributions to the college.

Q: Can I include evidence of quality, quantity, and breadth from educational endeavors older than five years?
A: Yes. However, most of the evidence you include should come primarily from the last four-five years.

Q: Is national involvement at some level in teaching or educational leadership a requirement for receiving the teaching or educational leadership award?
A: While national involvement helps achieve Baylor's educational mission and enhances an educator's mini-portfolio, it is not required to be eligible for the Fulbright and Jaworski L.L.P. Faculty Excellence Award.

Q: What effect will receiving an award have on my ability to be promoted "for education?"
A: Guidelines for defining excellence in education to be used in promotions decisions, adopted by the College in 2007, position the Fulbright & Jaworski L.L.P. Faculty Excellence Award as an important source of evidence for promotion for faculty with an emphasis on education.

Q: What if I’m not sure I meet the criteria, should I apply anyway?
A: All faculty submitting a mini-portfolio who do not meet the published standards (i.e., examples), will receive constructive feedback from the review panel. This feedback will help you decide when and how to re-submit a mini-portfolio in the future.

Q: Is there someone I can talk to about my chances of getting an award before I go through all the effort of preparing a mini-portfolio?
A: Yes. Geeta Singhal,MD,MEd, in the Office of Faculty Development, is available to review your credentials and help you decide whether or not to prepare a mini-portfolio. You are also encouraged to attend workshops on preparing mini-portfolios when they are offered. See Timeline.

Q: Can I include unsolicited comments from learners or peers in my portfolio (e.g., informal feedback sent via email or letters)?
A: Yes, these can be used as evidence of quality. However, it will be important to use them in context (i.e., not change the tone or meaning by quoting selected statements).

Q: Is education limited to activities directed at Baylor students and residents?
A: No. All forms of education that directly serve the educational mission of the College are appropriate to include in your portfolio. This includes Continuing Medical Education courses, invited speeches, community outreach talks, etc.

Q: How can I arrange for peer review?
A: The Educator Peer Coaching and Review web site has some excellent suggestions about obtaining feedback from peers.

Other questions? Please send an email to Singhal,MD,MEd,Office of Faculty Development.

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