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Educator Peer Coaching & Review

Houston, Texas

Educator peers engaged in coaching, presenting and discussions.
Office of Faculty Development
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Areas for Peer Consultation

  • Various image depicting peer consultation activities.Large Group Teaching - a didactic teaching style that tends to involve the sharing of information in a teacher-centered, one-way flow mode of communication
  • Small Group Teaching - involves small numbers of learners and tends to emphasize student-centered instructional methods characterized by frequent verbal exchanges with and amongst students. Small group teaching includes such areas as clinical team work, IPS, PPS, CABS, ICE, and graduate student education
  • One-on-One Teaching - occurs in a variety of settings including bedside teaching, clinical precepting in the ambulatory setting, and research advising
  • Course Leadership - includes curriculum design, course evaluation, teacher evaluation, and syllabus development
  • Communication of Educational Scholarly Work - involves the review and critique of educational materials in their finishing stages, including articles and abstracts

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