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Academy of Distinguished Educators

Houston, Texas

The Academy of Distinguished Educators recongizes faculty educational achievements and teaching contributions and promotes professional development.
Office of Faculty Development
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Selection Criteria

All applications will be submitted for review by a panel with faculty in and out of the academy. The panel will use the following criteria to evaluate and rank the proposals.

  1. The degree to which the proposed activity enhances the applicant's development as an educator and his/her ability to make scholarly educational contributions.
  2. Merit and worth of the proposed activity to the applicant's department and/or the College.
  3. Feasibility that the applicant will have the time and ability to complete the proposed activity.
  4. Size and justification of the budget.
  5. Proposals should include a plan for dissemination of findings. Dissemination plans may include, but are not limited to, presentations at local or national meetings (e.g., the Academy Showcase), web- or organization based dissemination of curricular materials (e.g., MedEdPortal), and peer-reviewed or other publications. Dissemination is expected within three years of receipt of a grant.
  6. Evidence of scholarship in the preparation of the application and in the activities that are proposed.

The maximum amount that may be requested is $5,000.

Any funds not expended by the end of the year should be returned to Office of Faculty Development by May 1, 2014.

Applications will be funded in rank order until available funds are exhausted.

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