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Faculty Education Initiatives

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Integrated Problem Solving

IPS is a required course for all first year medical students and has two six-month problem-based learning components: Fall I uses a classical PBL paper case; Spring I uses a computer-based case. Both components are scheduled on Monday and Tuesday afternoons between 1 and 3 p.m. and are held in the small-group-rooms on the 3rd and 4th floors of the DeBakey Building at Main Baylor. The goals of IPS are to build a functional, professional team that uses the PBL method to work clinical cases and to prepare students for their clinical clerkships.

Faculty are always needed to serve as small group facilitators. The IPS Course provides all facilitator training and course materials needed to serve as an IPS facilitator. Clinical experience is helpful, but not necessary, because the PBL method is ‘learner centered’ the facilitator functions more as a coach and less as a resource during small group sessions. Faculty, fellows, residents, physician’s assistants and researchers have all been successful as faculty in the IPS course.

Course service is recognized by the College for promotion, criterion-based teaching awards, and as the basis for Departmental EVU’s. Many faculty have found the IPS experience, and the recommendations it affords, to be helpful in furthering their careers as medical educators.

For more information contact:

Course Director:
Lynn Yeoman, Ph.D.
Office of Undergraduate Medical Education
713-798-7336 or e-mail:

Billy McKinney
Office of Undergraduate Medical Education
713-798-7308, e-mail:

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