Our faculty and students are active in research. Some of the projects include:

  • Investigations of students’ multicultural sensitivity following educational and clinical interventions
  • Use of palm pilots to record and collect data from physician assistant students during their clinical rotations
  • Strategies to prevent substance abuse among elementary school children
  • Interventions to help healthcare providers identify patients with substance abuse problems

These research projects are funded by grants and contracts from private and public agencies and foundations.

As a graduation requirement, allied health students conduct research projects and report the results through master’s papers. The purpose of this activity is to develop students’ abilities to identify questions that may be answered through investigation. Furthermore, the research process develops students’ knowledge in the subject area being studied and the health research methods and statistical analyses being applied. Preparation of the master’s paper also enhances students’ skills in written communication.

Students’ research activities are highlighted during the annual Allied Health Student Research Day held in late November, early December each year. This experience develops students’ abilities in presenting their research results in a formal atmosphere.