The estimated cost of attendance figures, as established by the Office of Student Financial Aid in consultation with the School of Allied Health Science Physician Assistant Program, should help you plan your educational financing. Great care has been taken to calculate a fair student cost of attendance, reflective of average costs in Houston. These figures are used in conjunction with the Free Application for Federal Student Aid data to determine your financial need as well as the amount you should be able to contribute toward the cost of your education. Financial aid is not available to meet expenses that exceed the estimated cost of attendance.

Download a table of the student cost of attendance.

Estimated Cost of Attendance

The estimated COA for the Baylor PA Program is of an educational and personal nature. The educational costs include tuition, books, fees and supplies as shown in this downloadable table

The other expenses factoring into the COA are related to living in the Houston community while attending the Baylor PA Program. The estimated living expenses are similar to those encountered in other major metropolitan areas in the southwestern region of the United States. If you live with your parents while attending the PA Program, the estimated room and board cost is $3,396 for each 12-month period. Only your costs are included in the expense budget, with allowances for child care costs, where applicable. Download a table that shows expenses.

Some enrolled students minimize their expenses through shared housing arrangements. An automobile is essential for mobility within Houston and for transportation to and from clinical assignments throughout the state.

Financial Assistance

Financial assistance is provided through various federal, state, and institutional loan, grant, scholarship, and work-study programs based upon a student’s eligibility as determined by the Baylor College of Medicine Office of Student Financial Aid. Students who need financial assistance are advised to plan ahead and submit application materials at the earliest possible date as many of the grant and low-interest loan programs have limited funds resulting in financial aid being awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. A student demonstrates financial need when his or her expected contribution is less than the cost of their education. Applications and forms are available online for all current Baylor students.

Emergency Loans

Short-term interest-free loans are available to most students to assist them with unexpected expenses. These loans are made for 60 days, after which the total must be repaid. All short-term loans are managed by Student Account Services.