The Diploma in Tropical Medicine course is designed for physicians and physician assistants or those in training and is therefore limited to:

  • Third- and fourth-year medical students
  • Physician assistants and students in physician assistant programs
  • Those holding an M.D. or D.O. degree including physicians, residents, nurse practitioners, fellows, staff, instructors, and postdoc fellows


  • Learners in the United States: $7,755 (or $1,938.75 per module)
  • International Learners: $8,255 (or $2,063 per module)

Students at Baylor College of Medicine may take the Diploma in Tropical Medicine course with no additional charges beyond their tuition. Discounts are available for others at Baylor College of Medicine and Texas Medical Center affiliated institutions:

  • Baylor House Staff (e.g., residents, fellows): $1,938 (or $484.50 per module)
  • Baylor physician assistants, nurse practitioners: $2,258 (or $564.50 per module)
  • Baylor physicians: $3,102 (or $775.50 per module)
  • TMC affiliated learners: $3,878 (or $969.50 per module)

Note: If there are changes in status, job title, or place of employment, the fees charged for the specific modules will be adjusted to reflect new status.

Refund Policy

Each module is charged separately but learners are required to pay all modules they apply for up front.  The refund policy applies to each module independently.

  • Withdraws ten business days before classes begin - 100 percent
  • Withdraws on the first day of class - 60 percent
  • Withdraws on the second day of class - 40 percent
  • Withdraws on the third day of class - 20 percent
  • Withdraws after the third day of class - 0 percent


There is no fee for this application. Tuition will be due after acceptance to the Diploma of Tropical Medicine program.

The due date for the winter session is Oct. 1 (Sept. 1 for international students).

Online Application: Applicants need to complete the online application for the Diploma in Tropical Medicine. The online application may be completed in multiple sessions. The applicants will be asked to provide information related to academic qualifications, research and work experience, honors, awards, scholarships, and publications. In addition, the applicants need to provide (a) a personal statement explaining the reason for pursuing a Diploma in Tropical Medicine and (b) an international experience essay describing relevant prior experience within developing countries or the anticipated relevance of this program if the applicants have no prior international experience.

Transcripts (not required for Baylor students): Applicants need to submit official transcripts (official transcripts required from non-physicians; copy of medical diploma and license from physicians). Note: medical license information will be verified.

Letters of Recommendation:

Note: Baylor students do not need to provide letters of recommendations

-Baylor employees need to provide two letters of recommendation

-Non-Baylor applicants need to provide three letters of recommendation.

English Proficiency Requirement (for foreign applicants): - Applicants whose native language is not English are required to score a minimum on the TOEFL (100/600) or IELTS (6.0) exams taken within the last two years. The TOEFL/IELTS requirement is waived for individuals who have received a degree from a U.S. university. For foreign medical graduates, ECFMG certification can be used to fulfill the English proficiency requirement.

Note: Once admitted, students do not need to reapply again to enroll in a different session.

Submit documents to:

Academic Coordinator
National School of Tropical Medicine
Baylor College of Medicine
One Baylor Plaza - BCM 113
Houston, TX 77030