There are a lot of schools that award M.D. degrees. Why should you choose Baylor College of Medicine?

  • Customization: Extra time and flexibility to truly customize your educational experience.
  • Location: Access to the resources and opportunities of the Texas Medical Center, the world's largest healthcare complex.
  • Early patient contact: One-on-one patient contact within weeks of starting.
  • Track record of success: Outstanding scores on national board exams and securing residencies with the nation's top programs.
  • Diverse patient populations: Through our network of affiliated hospitals, Baylor students have the opportunity to practice in broad range of patient care settings.
  • Exceptional teachers: We are one of only a handful of medical schools with a formal path to promotion for faculty based on teaching excellence, giving teachers the time and support necessary to make your education their priority.
  • Culture: Classmates who are diverse, smart, supportive, and service-oriented.
  • Value: We are the least expensive top 20 medical school.
  • Educational support...for life: Our commitment to your success extends well beyond your medical school years.

Tuition Comparisons

Graduate with Less Debt at Baylor College of Medicine (Source: 2016-2017 AAMC Comparison)

Baylor College of Medicine
Tuition (State Resident): $6,550 / Tuition (Non-resident): $19,650

Average Private Medical Schools
Tuition (State Resident) $50,495/ Tuition (Non-Resident) $51,880

Average Public Medical Schools
Tuition (State Resident)  $30,053/ Tuition (Non-Resident) $53,399