To qualify for an elective rotation at Baylor College of Medicine you must meet the following requirements:

  • Elective must first be approved by Baylor clinical department
  • Must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident
  • Obtain rotators permit through Texas Medical Board (if they do not already have a Texas training permit)
  • Have Program Letter of Agreement between Baylor and your institution (must start this process at least three months in advance)
  • Pay elective fee
  • Complete Elective Paperwork
  • Elective Program Letter of Agreement Template

The below fees apply based on the date that the GME office is notified of the visiting resident elective.

  • Booked at least three months out from start date: $500
  • Booked within three months of start date: $750
  • Booked for June 1-July 31: $1,250
  • Exception: U.S. Military; no fee

Observer Policy and Requirements

Guests invited into clinical areas, which overlap with residents or post-doctoral clinical fellows in training, will require joint management between the International Services ( and Graduate Medical Education Office ( The Accreditation Council on Graduate Medical Education requires these visitors be closely monitored, and their presence reported on annual reports, to ensure their experience does not adversely affect that of our primary trainees.

At the end of an observership, if all requirements are met, Baylor will produce a certificate documenting stay.

To qualify for an observership at Baylor College of Medicine you must meet the following requirements:

  • Observership must be limited to 90 days, and the physician must check in with GME every 30 days.
  • Background check, drug screen, verification of credentials (at observer’s expense) & $1,000 fee
  • Observers will be allowed in clinical areas ONLY.
  • Participants will wear badges in a different color, dated, to clearly identify their non-clinical role.
  • Observers will not be permitted to wear white coats or any type of medical paraphernalia which might be construed as that worn by a full physician, or introduced to patients as anything other than an observer
  • Physician must be affiliated with an educational or healthcare institution, which must enter into an affiliation agreement with Baylor College of Medicine
  • Observer must come on a J-1 visa
  • Visitors must sign release of liability and have/purchase adequate health insurance
  • Must take and pass the BCM HIPPA online course
  • Upon completion of the observership, the physician will prepare and submit to GME a summary of his/her experience