The Office of Graduate Medical Education, located in the Cullen Building on the main Baylor College of Medicine campus, operates under the direction of interim Designated Institutional Official Dr. Alicia Monroe and Assistant Dean, Nana Coleman, M.D., Ed.M.

The Baylor Office of Graduate Medical Education, the central administrative office for the Affiliated Hospitals Residency Program, coordinates and implements policies and procedures defined by the Graduate Medical Education Committee. This committee-composed of representatives from the faculty and the house staff, is responsible for the general administration of the post-graduate training programs. The Designated Institutional Official for Graduate Medical Education oversees all activities related to graduate medical education. 

The policy on house staff physicians describes the rights, responsibilities, and benefits accorded to residents, and changes to that document are approved by the Graduate Medical Education Committee. Subcommittees of the GMEC monitor various components of the GME program, including duty hours and core competencies, with the majority of these groups including representatives of the house staff. 

All Baylor program appointments are administered through the GME office.

Residents need not hold a Texas medical license to train in the Baylor program, but those who do not must apply to the Texas Medical Board for a physicians-in-training permit. Information on the permit is provided upon appointment to a Baylor training program. Applicants must also pass credentialing, including a criminal background check, as conducted by Baylor College of Medicine.