Baylor College of Medicine is committed to providing our students and graduates with educational experiences that are customized to fit every stage of their careers.

For our students, customization means having the time, flexibility, opportunities, and support to create the educational experience that best prepares them for their individual goals.

For our medical school and residency program graduates, customization means serving as an ongoing resource that helps them:

  • Keep pace with the rapid changes in medicine, allowing them to be leaders in their fields
  • Contribute knowledge for new treatment strategies
  • Develop new approaches to the delivery of personalized health services
  • Provide the very latest in disease prevention and health maintenance

Why Choose Baylor College of Medicine?

Value: Least expensive top 20 medical school

Customization: Extra time and flexibility to truly customize your educational experience

Location: Access to the resources and opportunities of the Texas Medical Center, the world's largest healthcare complex

Early Patient Contact: One-on-one patient contact within weeks of starting

Track Record of Success: Outstanding scores on national board exams and securing residencies with the nation's top programs

Diverse Patient Populations: Through our network of affiliated hospitals, our students have the opportunity to practice in broad range of patient care settings

Exceptional Teachers: We are one of only a handful of medical schools with a formal path to promotion for faculty based on teaching excellence, giving teachers the time and support necessary to make your education their priority

Culture: Classmates that are diverse, smart, supportive, and service-oriented

Educational Support... for Life: Our commitment to your success extends well beyond your medical school years