• Total Number of Students: 613
  • Male: 312; Female: 301
  • U.S. Resident/Citizen: 409
  • Foreign Nationals: 204
  • Caucasian: 278
  • Asian: 254
  • Hispanic: 51
  • African American: 22
  • Native American/Alaskan/Hawaiian: 2

Statistics on Recent Entering Classes

  • Approximately 1,100 applied
  • 106 first-year students enrolled
  • Average GPA was 3.64
  • Average GRE (analytical, quantitative, and verbal) was greater than the 70th percentile


Since the Baylor College of Medicine Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences was founded in 1947, it has conferred close to 1,100 Ph.D. degrees. Today, our alumni can be found all over the globe, where they are creating bodies of knowledge that would probably not exist if not for their intellect and efforts. Others chose less traditional career paths and are making contributions in a wide range of industries.

Of our recent graduates, about 15 percent were participants in the M.D./Ph.D. program and went on to finish their medical training. Among our other alumni, 80 percent moved on to post-doctoral fellowships at institutions across the country, and the other 20 percent chose to further their education or to enter the work force.

Some recent Ph.D.'s have gone to some of the following places as post-docs: Baylor College of Medicine, Cal Tech, Columbia University, Duke University, Emory University, Harvard University, Johns Hopkins University, Max Planck Institute, Germany, M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, MIT, National Cancer Institute, Oregon Health Science University, Princeton University, Rockefeller University, Sloan-Kettering, UCLA, University of North Carolina, University of Pennsylvania, University of Washington, US Army Research Institute for Infections Diseases, Vanderbilt University, Washington University, Whitehead Institute.

Recent Baylor Ph.D.'s have continued to further their education by attending medical school, medical residency and law school.

Recent Ph.D.'s are currently employed in areas such as: pharmacist, scientific editor, scientist, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries, scientific patent consultant at a law firm, scientific patent consultant at an academic institution, and a teacher.