Without a doubt, the dissertation research conducted by students is the most critical component of their training, and the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences offers a number of resources to help students meet their research goals quickly and effectively.

As a Baylor College of Medicine graduate student, you will have access to the vast array of resources of the College and of the Texas Medical Center – the world’s largest healthcare complex. These include:

Additional Support

We understand that students may need additional support in order to reach their maximum potential.

Once you are in, we support you at every stage. Our faculty have developed a series of workshops called "Thriving, Not Just Surviving, as a Scientist" designed to help you acquire the skills you need for your chosen career. All graduate students also receive ethics training in compliance with recommendations of the National Institutes of Health for responsible conduct of research.

Our commitment to diversity has led to development of a number of programs specifically designed to promote a diverse scientific workforce. Learn more about these programs. Our commitment to diversity also underlies our goal to provide access to needed resources for students with disabilities

Even during the most rigorous stages of your graduate career, you will still have a life beyond the classroom and the laboratory. The Graduate Student Lounge as well as our onsite café and athletic facility provide opportunities for relaxing and getting to know fellow students. The city of Houston offers endless options for pursuing athletic, cultural and other interests. Learn more about Houston.