Students receive a competitive stipend, health and dental insurance. The stipend of $29,000 for academic year 2015/16 will increase to $30,000 in academic year 2016/17, $31,000 in academic year 2017/18, and $32,000 in academic year 2018/19. Students do not pay tuition.

When you consider the low cost of living in Houston, the stipend goes a lot further here than most places.

Student Health Insurance

The Graduate School pays the cost of student-only coverage for graduate students. This cost covers both a Medical and Dental PPO plan. Graduate students are responsible for the cost of their eligible family members’ coverage. The monthly premiums for the 2015-16 academic year are as follows:

Level of Coverage Monthly Cost

Student Only $307.90 (covered by program)

To add a Spouse $317.14 (paid by student)

To add One Child $330.45 (paid by student)

To add Family (Spouse+One child) $647.59 (paid by student)

To add Family (Spouse+2 or More Children) $978.04 (paid by student)

View the 2015-2016 Medical Plan Design and Benefits Summary.

View the 2015-2016 Dental Plan Design and Benefits Summary.

For more information, please visit the Aetna Student Health website for Baylor College of Medicine.