Graduate Record Examination: The general aptitude portion of the GRE is required. An advanced GRE test might strengthen your application, but it is not required. The GRE test must be taken within the last three years, but if you are currently enrolled in a graduate program or have other extenuating circumstances, you may ask your program to waive the three-year limit.

If you have not taken the GRE yet, indicate the date that you plan to take it. Please fill in both numerical scores and percentiles in this section of the application. Typically, successful applicants have Quantitative and Verbal GRE scores near the 70th percentile.

Arrange to have official notification of your scores sent directly to Baylor College of Medicine, Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, One Baylor Plaza, MS Code BCM215, Houston, Texas 77030 (Institution Code 6052).

If you have not had your scores sent to Baylor College of Medicine, contact the Educational Testing Service, Princeton, New Jersey 08540, (1) (800) GRE-CALL for the appropriate forms for requesting transmission of your scores. Please check with the specific program for approval to substitute official MCAT scores for the GRE.