Recommendation letters are very important parts of your application. We require THREE letters of recommendation from professors and research supervisors and no more than four. If you have had research experience, one of the letters must be from a research supervisor, preferably the most recent.  

 If you cannot obtain a letter from your most recent research supervisor, please include an explanation at the end of your personal statement and ask other recommenders to comment on your research experience. If you are currently enrolled in a Ph.D. program, we also require a letter from your current research advisor or graduate program director.

When selecting your referees, please consider that we ask them to comment on your desire to be a scientist, intellectual capability, creativity and imagination, scientific background in coursework, laboratory and/or technical skills, comparison to other Ph.D. students, suitability for graduate school and research, ability to complete long-term tasks, ability to interact with others, honesty, integrity and maturity.

We strongly encourage you to solicit recommendation letters through our on-line application system, which will contact your recommender directly. You can ask the system to request electronic recommendations at any time; however, it is suggested that you contact your recommenders BEFORE our system contacts them.

Once you enter a recommender's name and email and designate that we can contact them, an email invitation will be sent to your recommender. You can check the status of your recommendation letters, transcripts, etc. on the status page and determine if the request has been sent, received, or the recommender reminded. A total of four reminder notifications will be sent at one-week intervals. To assure your recommenders that their comments are confidential, we require that you waive your right to view your letters of recommendation and we notify your recommenders accordingly.

You can change reviewer information on the status page and request that a new email notification be sent before the recommendation has been submitted. The email address of the new recommender must be different from the one previously indicated. Once we receive a letter of recommendation you cannot change the information.

Paper letters of recommendation are strongly discouraged but if your recommenders must send paper letters, the letters should be typed on official letterhead and sent directly by the recommender to:

Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences - Admissions, Baylor College of Medicine, One Baylor Plaza - MS Code BCM215, Houston, Texas 77030, U.S.A.