Advantages of the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

Getting a Ph.D. is a serious endeavor so choosing the right graduate school is a major decision. The Baylor College of Medicine Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences is among the top 10 percent of American graduate schools according to U.S. News & World Report. Explore the advantages of our program.

Learning from the Best

The best learning experiences come from working with leading scientists. Among our faculty are members of the prestigious National Academy of Sciences, the National Academy of Sciences Institute of Medicine, and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. Many of our faculty hold leadership positions in professional organizations, are members of grant review panels at the National Institutes of Health and the National Science Foundation, and serve as editors for journals. Our faculty also publish in high-quality journals and are invited speakers at national and international meetings.

Commitment to Education

Baylor College of Medicine recognizes that training tomorrow's scientific leaders requires new approaches that respond to the rapid changes in biomedical research. A GSBS curriculum committee, which includes student representation, evaluates and updates the curriculum on a regular basis. Baylor also sponsors a wide range of courses for faculty to improve teaching skills and recognizes the College's best educators with prestigious honors.

Our students receive a competitive stipend, a tuition scholarship, and health insurance at no cost to the student. Stipends will increase over the next several years as shown below:

$30,000 for Academic Year 2016/17
$31,000 for Academic Year 2017/18
$32,000 for Academic Year 2018/19

Optional Student Teaching

For graduate students at GSBS, student teaching is an option, not a requirement. Individuals who are interested in teaching can serve as teaching assistants for graduate student courses, but those who do not wish to teach can jump quickly into doing research.

Research-Intensive Environment

Baylor College of Medicine has over 1 million square feet space dedicated to basic science and computational research on its main campus. Baylor faculty and staff occupy and conduct clinical and basic science research in an additional 250 thousand square feet in other buildings located throughout the Texas Medical Center. According to the National Science Foundation, Baylor spends more on research and development in the life sciences than any other research institution. Housed within this research space are exceptional centers and facilities, such as:

Research at Baylor College of Medicine

 Learn more about research at Baylor:

Forward-Thinking Institution

The most dynamic health research environments of the future will focus on translational research--moving discoveries from the lab to the patient. The interconnectedness of BCM's graduate school faculty and physicians makes translational research a natural occurrence in labs and clinics throughout Baylor. This collaborative spirit also extends beyond the College to include joint projects with experts at other institutions, including many of the top-ranked hospitals in the Texas Medical Center and educational institutions like Rice University.

Beyond the Science

The Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences at Baylor is a great place for those who want to be challenged intellectually and work collaboratively. In addition to the cutting-edge science conducted here, there are many aspects of the school that blend to create an exciting environment and good quality of life for students.

  • Collaboration is a hallmark at Baylor. Throughout the College there is a sense of excitement and an energized atmosphere
  • Diversity is found among the students, faculty, and the citizens of Houston
  • Most students complete the required classroom courses in one year and student teaching is an available option, not a requirement
  • Support is available to students during training and as they prepare for getting to the next step of their careers through BCM's Career Development Center
  • Research opportunities are endless within the College and the Texas Medical Center, the largest incorporated medical center in the world
  • Houston offers a unique blend of big-city benefits and small-town community
  • A competitive stipend of $30,000 goes far given Houston's low cost-of-living