About Us

The Department of Pharmacology and Chemical Biology at Baylor College of Medicine offers an advanced study program, which includes unique opportunities for education and creative research in an exciting environment. Students will enrich and broaden their training through exposure to the entire spectrum of basic and clinical biomedical research, translational research, as well as contact with leading scientists in those disciplines.

Graduates of the department are equipped with the tools and knowledge required to attack the unsolved problems of human diseases through investigation of drug action, drug-resistance mechanisms, gene regulation, and the development of new drugs and approaches to these medical problems. 

Department Activities

  • Seminars
  • Schoolar Endowed Lecture
  • Journal Club: Held the second Thursday of each month, these informal sessions provide students and postdoctoral fellows with an opportunity to present their research to other members of the department.
  • Joint Pharmacology and Chemical Biology/Biochemistry Retreat: Each year, the departments hold a joint retreat in Galveston, Texas. The retreat is a blend of scientific and social activities.