The REACH-UP IRACDA Program is a four-year program, with an overall time distribution of 75 percent research commitment and 25 percent teaching commitment.  Post-doc scholars will engage in research each year of the program.  This is how each year in the REACH-UP IRACDA Program breaks down for our post-doctoral scholars: 

First Year

In the first year post-docs will:

  • Establish a research program
  • Participate in teaching, professional development and Responsible Conduct of Research workshops
  • Organize the IRACDA Research Symposium involving IRACDA post-docs, teaching campus faculty and students

Second Year

Second year post-docs will:

  • Observe classes on their chosen teaching campus.
  • Confer with teaching partner faculty to determine courses to teach during the second to fourth years.
  • Prepare to balance flexible course instruction and productive research.
  • The classes instructed will incorporate active learning strategies and research topics.

Second Half of Second Year-Fourth Year

Post-docs in their the second half of their year to their fourth year will:

  • Teach or co-teach a total of two classes at partner institutions. They will receive feedback and advice to improve their teaching.
  • Mentor a few students who want to progress to graduate school.
  • Publish research findings and prepare to apply for jobs.