Students are attracted to our program from all across the country and around the world to pursue diverse areas of research. View the profiles below to learn about a few of our current students and the work they are pursuing at BCM.

Our Students A-N

Renae Elaine Bertrand

PhD Candidate (GS)


  • (713) 798-3610

Cameron August Brown

Predoctoral Fellow (GS)

GSC Committees: TMC Student Affairs, Safety and Security

Zachary Christopher Conley, B.S.

Grad Student - 5th Year - Mentor: Lynn Zechiedrich, Ph.D.


  • (713) 798-5127

Michael Courtland, B.S.

Grad Student - 3rd Year - Mentor: Qinghua Wang, Ph.D.


  • (713) 798-3145

Diana Cox, B.A.

Predoctoral Fellow


  • (713) 798-0124

Christopher Asberry Cronkite

Medical Scientist Training Program (MD/PhD)

Department: Biochemistry; Mentor: Kimberley Tolias, Ph.D

Timothy Daniel Farinholt, B.S.

Predoctoral Candidate - 5th year - Mentor: Adam Kuspa, Ph.D.


  • (713) 798-4347

Adam C. Fluty, B.S.

Grad Student-1st Yr


  • (713) 798-0124

Ryan Haley, B.S.

Grad Student - 3rd Year - Mentor: Zheng Zhou, Ph.D.


  • (713) 798-6447

Cell Biology and Cell Fate Determination; Membrane Trafficking and Cytoskeleton; Membranes and Membrane Proteins; Fly and Worm; Genetics

Matthew Valle Holt, B.S.

Grad Student - 4th Year - Mentor: Nicolas Leon Young, Ph.D.


  • (713) 798-1517

Sanjeev Khatiwada

PhD Candidate


  • (713) 798-8765

Translational control in addiction; Molecular basis of learning and memory; Synaptic plasticity; Molecular neurobiology…

Boxue Ma, B.S.

Grad Student - 4th Year - Mentor: Wah Chiu, Ph.D.


  • (713) 798-6989

Cryo-Electron Microscopy and Tomography; Protein Structure-Function and Protein Folding; Structural Biology and Macromolecular Assemblies

Sayantan Mitra, M.S., B.S.

Grad Student - 4th Year - Mentor: B.V.V. Prasad, Ph.D.


  • (713) 632-4840

Quynh Tran Nguyen

Graduate Student - Biochemistry

Thu Vu Phuc Nguyen, B.S.

GSBS PhD Student


  • (713) 798-4029

Ilya Borisovich Novikov, B.S.

Grad Student - 6th Year - Mentor: Olivier Lichtarge, M.D., Ph.D.


  • (713) 798-7677

Our Students O-Z

Wanderson Cabral de Rezende

Graduate Student

Vidya Sethunath, M.Sc

Predoctoral fellow (4th year)


  • (713) 798-0124

Paul Jerrod Vandeventer, B.S.

Grad Student - 3rd Year - Mentor: Koen Venken, Ph.D.


  • (713) 798-0124

Chromosomes, Chromatin, and DNA Biology; Gene Expression and Regulation; Genomics, Proteomics, and Metabolomics; Synthetic Biology and Systems Biology…

Tianyi Yao

MD/PhD Student (GS-Rice)

Zhili Yu

E-Mail Access


  • (281) 857-2140

Hanzhi Zhang, B.S.

Grad Student - 3rd Year - Mentor: Ming Zhou, Ph.D.


  • (713) 798-3938