The SMART application is more extensive than other summer research programs. We believe that our application needs to be extensive in order to select the best applicants with different backgrounds, experiences, and talents.

The SMART application process is simple, yet comprehensive. The entire application is designed to give students from different universities an opportunity to highlight their strengths. We have a large selection committee composed of Baylor College of Medicine faculty who spend a lot of time reviewing the applications and selecting applications.

Please read the Introduction, and below components with instructions before attempting to the complete the Online Application. The instructions below describe the essays and skills assessment; which contains an excel document you must download, complete, and save to attach to your application. If you are a freshman, laboratory experience outside of high school and college course work is required for acceptance.

Application Components:

Personal Information

If you do not have a social security number, please enter all 9's (i.e. 999999999).


All OFFICIAL transcripts must be mailed to the SMART Program office. Please see the mailing address below.

Career Goals

REQUIRED: Statement of Career Objectives (limit 100 words).


Two (2) letters of recommendation are required. One (1) letter must be from a faculty member at your school. If you have research experience or have worked at Baylor College of Medicine, list your faculty mentor as Reference #1. Forward the Reference Form link to your references for completion. All Letters of Reference are due by Feb. 1.

Research/Training Experience

  • If you are a freshman, you must have research experience outside of the course lab work.
  • REQUIRED: Explain how your prior or new research has or will benefit you. (limit 500 words)

Personal and Employment History

OPTIONAL: Please describe obstacles you have overcome in your life to obtain an education (limit 500 words).

Skills Assessment

The skills assessment is used to match participants with mentors. Download, complete, and save the attached skills assessment. You will attach the completed spreadsheet to your application. Carefully read the instructions at the top of each page explaining how to enter your data.

Complete the three (3) tabs (tabs are located at the bottom of the spreadsheet):

  1. Computer and Engineering
  2. Scientific Background
  3. Independent Research (if applicable)

Certify and Submit

By typing your name, you are certifying the information in your application is true and complete. Submit!

OFFICIAL Transcripts MUST be postmarked no later than Feb. 1 or sent electronically to directly from the campus registrars office on or before Feb. 1. Please have your OFFICIAL transcript(s), to include all grades through the fall term prior to applying to the summer program from all colleges or universities you have attended. EXAMPLE: if you are applying to the 2016 SMART Program we need grades through the fall of 2015.

mailed to:

Baylor College of Medicine
SMART Program
ATTN: Program Coordinator
One Baylor Plaza, MS: BCM215
Houston, TX 77030.


Last year, we received more than 600 applications and we considered each application. The application is due on Jan. 10; transcripts and letters of recommendation are due by Feb. 1 of every year. We accept applicants beginning in mid-to late February. The review process is usually complete in late March and successful applicants are notified via phone and e-mail. Successful applicants will receive an information packet and forms.

Applicants who were not selected are welcome to apply next year, provided they still satisfy the application criteria. The 2016 program dates are May 30 to July 29 with move-in date of May 29 and move out date of July 30.