Please read the introduction letter and instructions on this page before filling out the online application form.

  • Note: All official transcripts must be sent directly to the SMART PREP Program office.

Career Goals

  • Required: Statement of Career Objectives (Limit 1500 characters)
  • Required: How will your participation in the Baylor post-baccalaureate program help you reach your career goal(s)? (Limit 3500 characters)


Note: Three letters of recommendation are required. At least one letter must be from a faculty member at your school. If you have research experience or worked at Baylor College of Medicine, include your mentor/faculty as Reference #1. Your references will automatically receive an email with a link to upload their letters of recommendation once you have completed and submitted your online application. However, you may forward the "Reference Form" link to each of your references for completion if they do not receive the email from us.

Research/Training Experience

  • Required: Describe your research experience or the experience you hope to gain. (Limit 6000 characters)

Personal/Employment History

  • Optional: Please describe the obstacles you have overcome in your life. (Limit 3000 characters)

Test Information

Skills Assessment

Download, complete, and save the attached skills assessment. You will attach the completed spreadsheet to your application.

Complete the three tabs (located at the bottom of the spreadsheet):

  1. Computer and Engineering
  2. Scientific Background
  3. Independent Research (if applicable)

Certify and Submit

Once you have completed all of this information, you may submit your application.

Reminder: Before a decision is made on your application, official transcript(s) and Letters of Recommendation must be received by the Program Office. Please have all official transcripts sent to:

Attn: Program Coordinator
Baylor College of Medicine
One Baylor Plaza, MS: BCM-215
Houston, TX  77030

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