Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

Services for Students with Disabilities

Baylor College of Medicine Ph.D. students with medically documented permanent or temporary disabilities who need special services are advised to contact Gayle Slaughter, Ph.D., senior associate dean in the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences as early as possible. Appropriate documentation will be required of any student requesting special consideration during examinations, performance of course work or laboratory duties. 

Baylor's goal is to provide access to needed resources for students with disabilities so these students are given every opportunity to do their best work. A disability is understood to be any impairment which substantially limits an individual in one or more major life activity (e.g. walking, seeing, hearing, learning). If requested, a dean will collaborate with other administrators and faculty on adaptations needed for courses and examinations. Students with disabilities are encouraged to become participants in the Initiative for Maximizing Student Development program.