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Consulting Club at Baylor College of Medicine

About Us

The Consulting Club at Baylor College of Medicine comprises of advanced degree candidates from Baylor and other Texas Medical Center institutions who want to apply their substantial analytical skills in the field of strategic consulting. Members are Ph.D. candidates, M.D. candidates or postdoctoral researchers.

Consulting firms are increasing their recruitment of ADCs, recognizing the value of our years of experience in hypothesis-driven analytical  approach, out-of-the-box thinking and the ability to ‘see the big picture’ in our projects.  A career as a consultant is both demanding and highly-rewarding.

Our goal is to act as a resource-hub for advanced degree candidates from around the TMC who are interested in exploring consulting as a career option.

We realize that, with limited access to business-school resources in the TMC area, ADCs in this region have significant difficulties in navigating the consulting recruitment process. Our Consulting Club helps its members in this regard by organizing workshops and case competitions, providing study materials and facilitating their networking with top consulting firms in the Houston area. In the year and half of the club's existence, our members have been selected for interviews and internships at top consulting firms in and around Houston.