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Medical School

Houston, Texas

Class of 2011 White Coat Ceremony
Medical School
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Scholarly Project: Learn to Think Like a Scientist

In order to be effective, physicians must be able to ask the right questions, analyze information, problem solve, and make good decisions. To more specifically develop this ability, BCM students undertake a Scholarly Project during the course of their training.

The Scholarly Project is intended to foster skills in analytical thinking, rational decision making and problem solving. Although the projects can be conducted in a laboratory, students are free to pursue any topic that relates to medicine, including clinical studies, the humanities, health policy and ethics.

During each student's second year, his or her idea will be submitted as a written proposal for approval by a steering committee. The student will be matched with a faculty advisor, who will guide the student over the next 18 months to conduct the research. A final written report will be submitted for approval by the steering committee.

Students enrolled in dual degree programs or in tracks will use the projects from those programs for their Scholarly Project.

For more details about the Scholarly Project, go to the Student Handbook.