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Medical School - International Track

Houston, Texas

BCM pediatricians care for children in various clinical and hospital environments.
Medical School International Health Track
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Global Health Track and ASTMH Requirements

The following courses are required for the Global Health Track and ASTMH Exam.

Year 1, Block 5: Overview of Global Health - Elective 210-415A, Dr. Bob Parkerson. Class meets two times per week for six weeks during block 5 at noon for one hour.

Year 2, Block 7: Readings in Global Health - Elective 210-415B, Dr. Bob Parkerson. Class meets September - May in the evenings for two hours. Students are required to make a presentation.

Note: Students are assigned a mentor and begin one-on-one quarterly meetings. A paper will be required in the 4th year summarizing the student's global health experience.

Years 3-4

  1. One month clinical elective abroad in a developing country (Must be in a tropical medicine country to qualify for ASTMH Certification).
  2. Four half days in the Travel Medicine Clinic - Please contact the GHT coordinator, Rosa Contreras at to schedule your travel medicine clinics
  3. City-Wide Infectious Disease Conference - four meetings. Conference meets in the DeBakey Building, room M112 for one hour each Wednesday at noon.
  4. Diploma in Tropical Medicine-The DTM curriculum is offered in two-week modules (total of 4 modules) that can be taken by the third or fourth year medical student in January, February, or July of each academic year, according to the best fit to their academic schedule.

The Global Health Track offers students two options:

Option 1:

For those with keen interest in Tropical Medicine, who wish to qualify and sit for the Certificate of Knowledge Exam of the American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, all four modules of the DTM program must be completed.

Option 2:

For those with interest in Global Health, who are not interested in sitting for the Certificate of Knowledge Exam, you may complete the Global Health Track by completing any two of the four DTM modules, in addition to completion of a one month clinical elective in Infectious Diseases (usually at Ben Taub or TCH), Border Health, or Immigrant Medicine

5. Global Health Track students will need to register with the National School of Tropical Medicine (NSTM) to take the Diploma Tropical Medicine course. To apply online go to

Additional Information:

For questions, please contact:

Rosa I. Contreras
Academic Coordinator for International Affairs
Department of Family and Community Medicine.

Jose Serpa-Alvarez, M.D., MS
Assistant Professor/Co-Director of the Global Health Track
Department of Infectious Disease

George Robert Parkerson, M.D., MPH
Associate Professor/Co-Director of the Global Health Track
Department of Family Medicine

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