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Medical School - International Track

Houston, Texas

BCM pediatricians care for children in various clinical and hospital environments.
Medical School International Health Track
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Cain Foundation Scholarship

International Elective Opportunity for Second and Third Year Medical Students

Are you interested in doing an international elective? If so, you are encouraged to submit a proposal for an elective abroad. The Department of Medicine (through private donations) has funds to support 5 - 6 outstanding medical students to perform a one month-clinical rotation in other countries for the period July 1, 2013 - April 30, 2014. Students involved in the Global Health Track or the National School of Tropical Medicine are particularly encouraged to apply, but others will also be considered.


  • Letter to Dr. Jose Serpa-Alvarez stating the purpose of your trip and how the proposed experience will influence your future in medicine (specify your country of choice)
  • Current curriculum vitae (including Baylor ID#)
  • Proposal must include: Country of choice and information data about country/city where elective is to be conducted (i.e. size, population, language, major public health problems, etc.). Medical school or sponsoring institution of choice and general data (special areas of research, treatment of specific diseases, etc.). You must submit a letter of acceptance from the Dean of the medical school or Sponsor (letter should indicate school or organization’s requirements, dates of acceptance, language requirement).
  • Elective must be in the field of Internal Medicine (Pediatrics or Family Medicine may also be considered) for a duration of 1 month
  • Interview with Dr. Serpa-Alvarez
  • Upon completion of the elective, a detailed report of experience must be submitted
  • Present experience at Baylor Grand Rounds in the spring of 2014


  • Official ambassador of Baylor College of Medicine
  • Round-trip airfare: section pays for a 30-day excursion fare, but will not pay for extended travel outside the destination where elective is being conducted
  • Stipend is given to assist with housing and personal expenses and funds provided for tuition, if necessary
  • Elective credit may be obtained with clearance from the Office of Students Affairs

Send information to:

Jose A, Serpa-Alvarez, M.D., MS, CTropMed
The Effie and Wofford CAIN Foundation Infectious Diseases Section
One Baylor Plaza
BCM 286 Room N1317-04
Houston, TX 77030

For additional information, contact:
Lois Alfred
Infectious Diseases Section
Department of Medicine
One Baylor Plaza BCM 286-Room N1318
Houston, TX 77030

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