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Medical School

Houston, Texas

Class of 2011 White Coat Ceremony
Medical School
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Choosing the Right Medical School

Stephen B. Greenberg, M.D., Senior Vice President and Dean, Medical Education

Stephen B. Greenberg, M.D.

When choosing a medical school, there are several factors to consider:

  • Quality of faculty
  • Learning opportunities and environments
  • Students who will journey with you

Members of BCM's faculty are leaders in their fields, but they are also committed to training the medical leaders of tomorrow. They take a personal interest in their students and become mentors to many.

BCM's learning environment is second to none. Our students train in the Texas Medical Center, a remarkable collection of more than 46 institutions that provide a wealth of resources and opportunities. Because of our affiliation with several outstanding health care institutions in the medical center, our students experience a variety of health care settings, including private and public hospitals, a world-renowned pediatric hospital, and one of the country's largest VA hospitals. BCM students begin working with patients early in their training and they have the opportunity to tailor their educational experience to their particular interests.

Medical school is a unique experience, and the people you meet during this special time often become friends for life. BCM attracts very bright students that bring with them a variety of educational experiences and diverse perspectives. Our students not only challenge each other intellectually but also form a vital support system that creates a family atmosphere.

Although it is impossible to touch on all aspects of the College, we hope this site provides you with valuable information about BCM, the Texas Medical Center, and Houston. Should you need more information, please contact us.

— Stephen B. Greenberg, M.D., Dean, Medical Education