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Medical School

Houston, Texas

Class of 2011 White Coat Ceremony
Medical School
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Curriculum that Allows You to Customize your Education


  • Work with patients in the first weeks
  • Only 18 months of basic science courses
  • Flexibility to tailor your education
  • Faculty are leaders and mentors
  • Outstanding clinical facilities with large and varied patient populations

Two of the most important factors when considering medical schools is how the human body is taught and the quality of the clinical experiences students receive.

One of the key differences at Baylor College of Medicine is that the classroom science courses – pre-clinical curriculum – only take 1.5 years (as opposed to 2 years at most schools). The extra six months provide flexibility for our students to customize their training to fit their individual needs and interests.

When it comes to clinical experiences, good luck finding a more exciting place than the Texas Medical Center, where our students see patients at eight renowned hospitals.

Pre-clinical Curriculum

The sciences classes take only 1.5 years and students receive early, one-on-one patient contact, state-of-the-art technological resources, and small group settings to learn skills that make them effective.

Clinical Curriculum

The clinical experiences at BCM rival any other school in the nation. Our students are taught by faculty who are pushing the envelope of diagnosis and treatment. Students have access to a large number of patients in a variety of settings through our affiliation with eight leading health care institutions – all located close together in the world's largest medical center.

Specialized Tracks

Special tracks have been created for those who are interested in earning certification in specific areas of medicine.

Dual Degree Programs

By partnering with other outstanding educational institutions, BCM offers its medical students four dual-degree programs.