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Medical School

Houston, Texas

Class of 2011 White Coat Ceremony
Medical School
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Baccalaureate/M.D. Programs: Scholarship, Excellence, Diversity

Baylor College of Medicine offers innovative programs that give exceptional senior high school students provisional acceptance to medical school. Each program allows eight years of mentoring and enrichment activities to highly motivated students with a passion for learning.

The programs are not "fast-track" but require a commitment where students are exposed to a range of exciting opportunities. Study abroad, research and other unique experiences are tailored to meet the individual's educational plan.

The following programs promote diversity among future physicians.

Baylor University/Baylor College of Medicine (Baylor 2 Medical Track)

Each year, four outstanding high school students gain provisional acceptance to Baylor College of Medicine upon matriculation to Baylor University. Application to this track is included in the Baylor University application, which is due Oct. 31 of the last year of high school.

Houston Premedical Academy

The Houston Premedical Academy is a special undergraduate program at the University of Houston for DeBakey High School for Health Professions students interested in becoming physicians. The application deadline is Feb. 1.

Premedical Honors College (UT-Pan Am or PHC)

Established in 1994 as a partnership of BCM and the University of Texas-Pan American, this program provides provisional admission to Baylor College of Medicine upon completion of undergraduate requirements at UT-PA. Applications are restricted to South Texas high school students, and must be submitted by Feb. 2. The UTPA program was recognized by the State of Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board with their prestigious STAR Award for excellence in education.

Medical Scholars Program

This Bacc./M.D. program, implemented by Rice University and Baylor College of Medicine, promotes the education of future physicians who possess well-rounded academic backgrounds in any of the 50+ majors that Rice offers.

Joint Admission Medical Program

BCM also participates in the JAMP authorized by the Texas State Legislature.